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De King – The Tears Of Innocent One | Reggae Mp3 Download

De King – The Tears Of Innocent One | Reggae Mp3 Download

One of Nigerian Best Reggae Music seller in the Country, De King, has just released His new Album: The Tears Of Innocent One, which is a song of remembrance to many people in Nigeria that lost their lives in numerous accidents.

Also one of African Biggest Reggae King or Star was also Featured in this song, Lucky Dube a South African Reggae Musician, who was murdered in the Johannesburg suburb of Rosettenville on the evening of 18 October 2007. Which was a Shock to the World. This Song also Featured on of his Song Romeo and Juliet in Gospel Genre.

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The Tears Of The Innocent One, is a song everyone in the world needs to listen to, because it has a direct message to our mind, making us to be ready for the Second Coming of Christ and also making us ready for Eternity. Jesus is Coming Soon.


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